My dear love Ebba,

I hope you got my gift.
The jewellery symbolizes my love for you.
You personality is like a beautiful pearl,
unique and not like anything else.
Your beauty shines brighter than a perfect cut diamond.
Do always remember this, your uniqueness makes you.
Not your house, work or dress.
I’m sorry for everything.

You will always have my heart, your King Gustav



When Ebba died at the age of 78 the pearls were passed on to the next Generation. 400 years later, the necklace remains in the possession of the family of Charlotte Ramel, still bearing witness to the romantic secret.


My love Ebba,

My days feel like an eternity.
Everything is dark and the walls of the Skokloster Castle are like a heavy rock pressing down my shoulders.
I can’t believe you had to leave me.
The light and warmth left together with you.
Do you remember the days lled with joy and laughter?
I can’t stop smiling while thinking of the day when you took my mothers coat and fooled around by the statues in right wing.

You make me feel alive, your king Gustav